Face down your own face

My husband is a quiet voice when all the world is a storm.
He whispers that I’ll be fine. And I hear him.
And I believe him.

He reminds me that sometimes there is more power in the stillness than in the uproar.
There is a lot of uproar in my world right now.

And although it should really be fueling my writing, I find that right now, I still just need a moment to collect my thoughts.

Be patient? Right now, I’m just breathing, and  being.

Above all I’m praying and praying and really holding God to His word about my life.

I promise I’ll get it together real soon.

In the meantime, some BitterSweet+Sour:

BS&S- Hope




BS&S- Face down your own face


And for giggles as we head off for our nightly cookie:

BS&S- Cakeman



Courage, dear friends.
We’re all on our way to some kinda fine ❤




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