The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

Sometimes there is nothing left to give.
Some days, the urge to lay on the floor groaning softly, “You win, life, you win” overtakes us, and it is only the fear of what may be on the floor under your desk that keeps you upright, content instead to drape yourself overs its rickety wooden surface whimpering, “Cookie. Must have cookie…”

or ice cream. any carb would have been fine today….

Some days you don’t have it in you to smile and pretend that today’s a good day and that you’re full of hope and optimism for tomorrow.

Sometimes you’re just too human to be anything but your sorriest human self.
And humans are broken.

So some days- just some days, not all of them- your happy button is broken and there’s nothing you can do about it at the moment.

LOLZ just kidding. I DON’T EXIST!

And the absolute worst thing to encounter on a day like that, is some oblivious soul who says things like JUST smile. JUST remember tomorrow is another day. JUST be happy you’re alive.

Sir and/or Madam: if you do not remove yourself and your chipper clichés away from my desk, I may be forced to kick you right in the encouragements.

Today is a day where I just need a day to be…broken.
Is that okay, world?

If come the weekend, I still appear somewhat grumbly, I give you free rein to pelt me with Instagram optimism and iCookies.

But some days, when there’s nothing left but the dim awareness that one cannot in fact lie naked under one’s desk at work as a means of coping, and a grudging concession to social niceties ( like grunting in response to greetings)…

temper tantrum
She gets it

Then one deserves a minute to simply

Today, ‘being’ is the best I can offer.
Apologies in advance.

But please, no one leaves my blog without some cookies ❤

Because everyone needs courage for SOMETHING, and everyone should have some.

One day, we’ll all be some version of fine, friends. And for today, we can let that be enough.




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