And one for courage

Okay, so already this took a lot of courage, choosing to blog right here and now, with all the things going on in my world. When i made the decision to do this blog-a-day madness, I figured it would mean digging deep and sharing things that would have otherwise moldered in the back of my head, driving me crazy with shame and/or stress.

Even though I’ve already dropped some into so past blogs, today for lack of anything else to share immediately, and also for gain of courage in one more area of my life, here are some of my survival sketches. I call them that, because putting some of the things I see and hear and feel on this journey as a diabetic into a comic has been the only way to get through it all witha  modicum of grace and dignity, with my sense of humour intact.

I wish I had a light pen. And design software on my crappy laptop that would allow me to be a better animator. But right now, I have my pen, my book and a scan app on my phone. Bear with the poor image quality, and join me for a few wry grins and maybe an awkward chuckle or two.

This my friends, is BitterSweet+Sour: a biting diabetic revue.

So this one began on my birthday, with a doodle from Google. YAY PERSONALIZED SEARCH PAGE!


Google LIKES me!!
Google LIKES me!!


As I sat there, in my customer service afterglow, I realised something: That was a LOT of cake. I mean, I love me some cake, and I’ll steal a slice here and there, don’t you worry about ME. But THAT…that was just too much cake. And later that night, at my semi-surprise party, I sang the song, I cut my cake….and then I retreated to the safety of some crackers and a diet coke. So that’s where this came from:

BS&S- Birthday Cake Conundrum


Because for a minute, that’s really how I did feel. But only for one second, because with all my fabulous friends around me I still felt pretty darn happy and special and loved.

BS&S- Birthday Sweetness



And that was what my birthday was like, as told in pen and ink (and scan app on phone).

Oh and just because it’s fun, a bonus:

That's a glucometer in his hand. If you were wondering.
That’s a glucometer in his hand. If you were wondering.


Peace out everybody. Have yourselves a great day.
And also, one of these:


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