Blogging anyways

Today I stayed home from work because I’ve been so unwell.

I spent all day in a sleep so deep that my children’s care giver called my husband to ask what she should do, because surely I was dead or nearly so.

And that’s how I woke up to a stage-whispered, ” Miss Natalie…. I hope you’re not over there dead! ”

I giggled, had some good and passed out again until a short while ago.

There is no blog today. Doctor’s order. OK so the doctor is also my mom but she’s right. I’m still very run down and feeling kind of fragile. But I’m writing something anyway because this is the promise.

I hope desperately to wake up functional tomorrow. Fingers crossed interwebs.

It’s back to bed rest for me (suspicious husband makes me surrender phone… Doesn’t trust my workaholic ways).

But first a cookie for medicinal purposes. And also for courage 🙂


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