Of Doldrums and Dynamite

And so this is the thing with Diabetes…

You can’t actually blame it for every single problem you may have.
Many of them, yes.
All of them no.

I’d love to talk about how D-Zilla ate my ambition, and destroyed my stick-to-it-ness and that woe is me, sad and hollow soul, craving but one small bite of your cookie. For courage.

But I don’t think this is all the Big D.

This could just be me. On a Wednesday.

And today, I don’t want to be clever
I don’t want to be witty or wry
I want to be bitter.

I want to lie down on the floor right now without concerned students asking me what’s wrong. (“EVERYTHING! And she’s coming for YOU next!”)
I want to curl up under my desk and burn incense while I slowly sip my coffee.
I want to HAVE coffee and incense.


I want to spell incense without needing the stupid spell check.
I want to light aromatherapy candles that take me away, even if the farthest I can get right now is the top of my desk.
Or the bottom of it.

I want to be a small ball of misery with a large bar of chocolate.
Or a cookie. For courage.

Unless it’s that what I really want is to bust out of these here doldrums and dazzle the whole wide world with my amaze-brains and more.
Maybe I want to throw my old lesson plans and philosophies out the door like flaming sticks of dynamite and let the explosion transform me into some kind of educational sorcerer, so I can enchant and bewitch young minds with Frenchness and Spanishness that defy all the French and Spanish that ever went before!
With a cookie! For courage!

Or maybe this is just me.
On a Wednesday.

Or maybe I’m him. Or he is me.

I’m sorry, Blog-A-Day challenge, and new friends out there.
Today was no bueno.
Tomorrow, maybe?

And if you think of it, or you have time….
Perhaps a cookie? For courage?

Or 2. Or 3. Or 4. I need a LOT of courage.

One thought on “Of Doldrums and Dynamite

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  1. *hugs*. Can’t take away all the sadness but worth the try….and hey, at least you know you have people in your corner….always. May not be there physically… But we got your back. All 3 of us. Me, him and the little loud one. 😀

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