All The Lost Things

There is a magical place….
A place where dreams go to grow into even bigger versions of themselves
A place where secrets gambol unfettered and unrestrained, such is their confidence in Being Kept.
There is a place where wonder wanders through windows, in and out of imaginations and precious hopes.
Let’s call it The Great Wide Wonderful.

It can never be seen. It can never be geo-tagged. It can never be photographed.
But it is real.
I know this, because this is clearly the place my son puts the things we need but will never see again.
Today’s tally of Things I have Lost to The Great Wide Wonderful:
Goodbye pink hairbrush
From my wild days of youth.
You were falling apart,
But nothing tamed curls like you.
Goodbye keys and spare key.
You’re together again.
Goodbye thousands of lids
To  tupperware  friends
Goodbye blue car, purple car, red car with one wheel.
Goodbye daddy’s brown belt. Zane chewed you with zeal.
Goodbye countless socks, each with a twin left behind.
Goodbye crayons and play doh and pens that were mine.
Goodbye glorious doo-dads, have fun way out there!
Thank you for leaving my sense of humor here.

Unlike my lens cleaner, because who needs to actually be able to see through their glasses?



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