Dear Jude: Oh how your little mind works!

Dear Jude, I love how mechanical your mind is. I’ve long known you to be the kind who wants to understand not simply WHAT something is, but also WHY it is. As proud as I’ve been of this ‘ask everything’ mentality, I was unaware of the side effect of sheer awkwardness it could bring. Thanks for letting me know when I showed you a picture of you still in my tummy and told you “See, Jude…this is baby you…inside mummy’s tummy!”. Thank you for taking a moment to stare, wonderstruck, at the photo of our miracle…before looking up in concern to ask: “Mommy eat Jude?”. Ummm…one day we’ll talk about that particular ‘how’, but today thank you for your marvelous little mind and moments like these 🙂


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