Dear Jude: 2Chins

My dearest, darlingest Jude, as much as it cracked me up, in hopes of saving your life in the future allow me to explain: when someone (like Mommy) asks you “And where is Mommy’s chin?”, please do not ever again put your finger to your own perfect chin, gaze at her contemplatively then announce with glee “Here! 1 chin…and HERE! TWO chins!” Just…point in the general direction of the first one you see and MOVE. ON.


Dear Jude: Oh, your beautiful heart

Dear Jude, it has always been one of my dearest wishes that you learn to care for and take care of those around you. It warms my heart when you identify the feelings of others as best you can (Mommy sad? Friend cry. Daddy tired.), especially when you try to fix it (i love it when you try to sing me the lullabies I sing to you). And yesterday, when it was very cold, I zipped you into your jacket, which you agreed was “waaaaarm”. That you took it off shortly after to help out a friend that was “Cold, mommy” was just too sweet. The fact that the friend was your tiny toy car? Well, that only took the edge of pride off a teeeeensy bit. Watching you carefully bundle 3 inches of plastic car very tenderly into the depths of your sweater still made me smile. Your heart is still coming along beautifully, my darling love. Just beautifully….

Dear Jude: Fireworks!

Dear Jude, there may be some “deep saints” who might get all riled up about what you said after Champs the other day, but for the record, I personally think it’s brilliant the way you call fireworks “Jesus magic in the sky” 🙂

Dear Jude: The Wheels on the Bus

Dear Jude, you have a mom who, being classically trained, has sung to you from you were in the womb. Seeking to instill a sense of culture, I sang you arias, I sang you hymns and I sang you playlist-worthy selections from modern jazz, folk, pop and R&B hits. How was I, a first time mom, to know that no matter what class of music you were exposed to, you would inevitably and irrevocably fall prey to the inexplicable baby-bait magic of “The Wheels on the Bus”? Thank you for the morning laughs when upon reading (again) the story of Jesus blessing the children, you insisted that “Jesus hug and bless the children and sang WHEELS ON THE BUS to all of them, theee end AMEN,” before insisting we sing Wheels on the Bus. “Like Jesus, Mommy.” Yes. Indeed. WWJD = Wheels on the Bus.

Dear Jude: Oh how your little mind works!

Dear Jude, I love how mechanical your mind is. I’ve long known you to be the kind who wants to understand not simply WHAT something is, but also WHY it is. As proud as I’ve been of this ‘ask everything’ mentality, I was unaware of the side effect of sheer awkwardness it could bring. Thanks for letting me know when I showed you a picture of you still in my tummy and told you “See, Jude…this is baby you…inside mummy’s tummy!”. Thank you for taking a moment to stare, wonderstruck, at the photo of our miracle…before looking up in concern to ask: “Mommy eat Jude?”. Ummm…one day we’ll talk about that particular ‘how’, but today thank you for your marvelous little mind and moments like these 🙂

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