Dear Jude: Whatever you become, become your truest self

Dear Jude, I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I’ve already been through so many jobs, and am settling into what looks like it might be a second career. Who knows if there’s a third or fourth ahead. But what I have no doubt about is who i want to BE: your mom. So let your mom share something that took her 30 years to learn in the hopes that at the tender age of a brand new two (WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?) you might soon embrace: never let the world’s need to define and categorize rob you of the absolute terror and thrill of taking a chance on yourself, my darling. You are worth every heart-stopping, nail-biting, knee-shaking, sleep-robbing moment that comes from stepping out of the mold and trying out a new-shaped-future. Be bold, be brave, be YOU my darling love. Know that every second of every day of the rest of your life, you will be fiercely loved and supported. There will be no “I told you so’s” or “What took you so long’s”. Just the kind of smile that says “I’m glad you got there. I’m glad you BECAME.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YummyLoveJoy. Mama loves you unbearably so!


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