Dear Jude: Spit bitterness out. Move on.

Dear Jude, it’s easy to say ‘don’t judge’ and just as easy to fail miserably at that cliche. So what I will say instead, my darling, is that it’s okay to feel hurt by others, and your mind may bubble up with angry adjectives in the moment. All I ask is that you let that moment be a moment, transient and fleeting; that you don’t let that moment mark that person, or mar your ability to forgive and to live in hope that one day you might better understand. Even if you never do, remember that bitterness most affects the one whose tongue it’s on. Spit it out, baby. Let go. Move on.


Dear Jude: You’re my happy place

Dear Jude, whenever I’m sitting at my desk and having a hard day of it all, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re where my mind wanders off to, to find a happy place. I know at 20 months you’re not exactly ‘grown’ but already your ‘baby-baby’ pics make me feel like time’s been moving unnecessarily rapidly since your birth. Mommy loves you and your yummy yummy chewable cheeks 🙂

Dear Jude: I go where you need me

Dear Jude, sometimes life will confuse and confound and exhaust you. I may not always have the solutions, but I will always keep you company through the drama. I will come and sit in the chaos with you. I will go and hunt in the wilderness with you. I will travel through all the madness with you. I will hold your hand as we wait for reason to appear. No matter where you are, your mama’s got your back and my prayers are an eternal thing, wrapped around you from before the day you were born. Know how much I love you. Know that nothing can ever change that. Who you are is always enough for me, baby.

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