Find your fire. Then follow it.

You know, I think we dismiss our own potential too easily. Sometimes we examine life with financial eyes, which while important, aren’t the only tools in our Vision Portfolios. God has created each of us for a purpose, and I find that purpose sparks passion. So go ahead and examine your lives. Pay attention to the things you love, the things that make you come alive. In your passion, you just might find your purpose. Never dismiss the things that make you tick, my lovelies. They can all come together to create one marvelous path…

When I was in school, I was told that although I was good at “art and such”, I still needed to find a more profitable academic stream. So I did, but guess what? Here I am, years later: a writer. Sure, I write for an advertising agency, which has its own sort of ‘reliable income’ profitability. But it is still writing. Consistent, challenging, brain-juicing writing. And writing in this disciplined way has taught me how to be a better blogger, and how to express my thoughts and ideas more clearly. And the better my last blog post was, the more inspired I am in approaching my next post. And the sharper my posts, the clearer my own vision becomes to my own self. Case in point: despite writing “Dear Jude” posts since before his birth, accompanied by my many perspectives on life, love and licking carpets, it’s only now slowly occurring to me that I just might be one of those amazing creatures they call a Blogger! Who knew?

Now I feel like there are worlds opening up before me every single day. Because I feel this is a great chance for me to very deliberately and confidently talk about the things that concern and interest me. And yes, my views come through the filters of my mom-ness and my faith, but if I’m worried about my career, and my love handles and my pot roast being less spectacular than my mom’s and the fact that I really want a new car and hate mascara and can’t find good live music; that I question my college degree and am seeking more of God and I’m terrified by the reach media may have with my young son…well! I’m just an ordinary chica speaking to anyone who’ll listen. Maybe I’ll change a life. Or the flow of a day. Maybe I’ll make you think, or even answer some of my own questions. Maybe I’ll find friends or stumble upon other blogs that change my world. Or maybe I’ll discover this was another stepping stone in my path to…best sellers? Screenplays, perhaps? Who knows what can turn up next! All I know is that today, I’m a writer. A blogger. And it sparks every neuron in my body.

So what ignites your fires? What drives you? What secret joy do you find in those little things that rejuvenate and encourage your own sense of self and purpose? They just might turn out to be a major part of who you were always supposed to be. Isn’t it funny how that works out? What you love is what you were actually MEANT to do? God’s kinda good that way.

So, ONWARDS, achievers! WE have much awesomeness to accomplish 🙂


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