Dear Jude: I’m so thankful for you

Dear Jude, my heart is so full of wonder for the child you’re becoming, despite your mama’s catalog of blunders. You’re such a generous, sweet spirited, independent jewel of a man child. I love how you respond to the discomfort of others by repeatedly shouting or murmuring (as demanded by each case) a sympathetic “uh-oh…uh OH!”. I love how you noticed our 10 year old neighbour trip off his scooter and ran to ‘help’ him up with your tiny 18 month old body, cheerfully insisting “Uppy! Uppy!” as you clutched his arm. I love how you crept up to the bed while I was resting and gave me a big juicy kiss then crept back out. I love the way your eyes crinkle when you’re entertained, and how they widen when you’re surprised by life or a new sound or a new skill. I could spend everyday thinking about the million tiny things that make you ‘you’, and spend every night thanking God for them. As a matter of fact…I do.


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