Dear Jude: I pray for you

Dear Jude, sometimes I dread the day you’ll ask me what I think about specific topics in our world. It’s not always comfortable challenging the status quo, even when you’ve long outgrown those ‘popular’ opinions. But for you I make this pledge: when you do ask me those tough questions, I will respond carefully, weeding out the knee jerks and the expired replies.  I will not give you ‘popularisms’, Christianisms, politicalisms, religionisms, culturisms or any other ready-made world views. I will give you my realest possible reply, filtered through God and His word. Just the humble- and I really do mean humble- opinions, that came from sweating and praying and wondering and crying and struggling until I found God’s heart and the answers that spoke clearest to my spirit. Then I’ll step back and let you formulate your own perspectives. That’s the best I can do, son. God watch over your sweet psyche in this hopped up world, my beloved. It’s really tricky out there.


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