Dear Jude: be true to yourself

Dear Jude, you are my child and the joy of my heart. I see my face in yours. I love the little quirks that, true or not, I proudly came you ‘got from me’. But even as I delight in the way my biology and my psychology have helped contribute to your magic, you are still wholly YOU, my love. You are your own entire person, separate and apart from me. I promise to constantly examine my heart and my motives for where I begin to treat you and my expectations of you as if you were simply an extension of myself. I promise to love the Jude you are any given day, not the Jude I construct in my mind. The same God who wove you together in my womb, and had His hand on you since then knows “the plans He has for you”. It is not my job to *create* you, but to protect you, cover you, pray for you, watch over you and marvel everyday at the person you become. Be brave, my darling son, but above all always only ever be YOU. 


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