Dear Jude: non-negotiable respect

Dear Jude, always treat every female like a lady. It doesn’t matter what you think about her, or what you’ve heard about her. You don’t know her story, and her background is not your business. Do not ‘sweet her up’ for your own purposes, do not ‘diss’ her for your own convenience. Every single female is to be treated with respect. Please remember, as we continue to teach you, that being a gentleman is NOT the same thing as being a push-over. Do not listen to friends or performers or strangers on the street who may try to tell you your manners make you “soft”. It takes strength of character and of conviction (not muscles) to be a real man, and you my son were born to be a Real Man. Be brave. Be courageous. Be honorable. Be a gentleman. As long as she is before you, regardless of her age, stage or any other detail, you will respect every woman as if she were a queen. This, my love, is non-negotiable. 


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