Dear Jude: so much love

Dear Jude, when you were a tiny cuddly ball of baby, I could so easily write you epistles as I imagined who you would continue to unfold to be. Now that you’re such a big little boy :-), full of your very own personality and prerogatives, I find myself so amazed by the complexity of you, and by my increasing love and awe of you that I’m frequently tongue tied. (Pen-tied?) What do I say to a little boy who spends his mornings singing along to my devotions with such abandon, eyes closed mimicking mommy? Who knows the sign for “dirty” and will dutifully use it to indicate that the mud he is squatting in is indeed ‘dirty’? Who bites the tops off tins and canisters with such ease, but is confounded by his flip top cup? Who knows he must always say please, leading to “no. please?” Who gives the fiercest bear hugs, the sweetest kisses and the widest smiles I’ve ever seen? Who runs 100 miles a minute but can pull to a sudden stop just for some cuddle time? Who grows and explores ‘more-ness’ every day, without ever leaving my heart? All I can say, my love, is: Mommy loves you. She just loves you.


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