Calming tantrums with Love

Jude is more than just my beloved son. He is all mankind- in a size 4 diaper. Whenever Jude is stressing me out most (non-stop Mommy Mommy Mommy, up down up down Mommy Mommy) I have learnt one easy-but-difficult trick: love him even more. In the midst of his most strung out sessions I scoop him up and plaster him with kisses and hugs. Sometimes I’m loud and smacky-kissy, sometimes it’s just a silent firm hug. It has yet to fail me. Climbing over the hump of I’M TOO TIRED/ANNOYED TO HUG is the challenge. Watching his overwhelmed, overwrought body melt into calm is the reward. Beyond the Calming of the Jude, it’s reminded me that really, people on a whole need the most love when they’re most unlovable. It’s a fresh reminder for me to extend grace to the ‘beasts’ around me in life. That’s this mom’s 2 bits: learning to love like Christ, one toddler tantrum hug at a time 🙂


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