Jesus: The only way. The only reason.

The minute we take our eyes off Jesus as the ONLY reason our Christian walk makes sense, and isn’t a bunch of wasted efforts, is the minute we take hits to vulnerable places in our spirit. My Christianity only makes sense today, tomorrow, 15 minutes from now and Christmas 2016 BECAUSE of Christ. It never has anything to do with me, or my ability to ‘live right’ or ‘be good’. Every single moment I cling to Grace through the Cross is a moment I can boldly lay claim to my Christianity. Every other moment is vanity. Neither my failings nor my successes make me anymore a Christian than the moment I chose Christ. If only there was an app to remind me about THAT…


Dear Jude: You teach me about God

Dear Jude, even when my day is less than stellar, I now know that God never loves me any less. I know He forgives me and what’s more I believe He sits there watching me fall asleep and kinda smiles about those quirky things about me He likes so much. I know He looks at His scarred hands and thinks “yep. Totally worth it”. I know He can’t imagine a world without me in it, for no other reason than His Father heart. I now know this because of my own  Mother heart towards you. Jude, if only you knew how you’ve expanded my capacity for everything in this world.

Be your amazing self

God designed you to accomplish a life uniquely YOU. Do not hold yourself hostage to the expectations of others. Never be so focused on what ‘they’ might think about who you are that you forget to actually go ahead and BE who you are. If you keep people as your standard, you’re in for a bumpy, fickle ride. The first thing you think about yourself when you’re still cloudy from sleep- before their voices and your voices get to you…why not give that version of yourself a chance to shine today? People will always talk, why not give them some truth to chew on? It’s a better day for you, and the same ole one for them. You are worth every awesome thing that can come from closing your eyes, and letting the facade fall away… 

Inhabit “Now”

Just stop and be in this moment. Every moment you consciously inhabit can teach you something amazing. Be still. Be present. Be. 

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