Dear Jude: you soothe me

Dear Jude, there are days when I’m stressed, exhausted and running on empty. It is then I see the power of this love I have for you; when a single smile floats me through my day and your lispy “Mama” soothes my frazzled mind. Suddenly Monday isn’t so bad. Will you ever understand how much your mama loves you?


Thirtylicious Playlist- Day 20

Song: Pure Imagination

Artiste: Gene WIlder

Why I Like It: A little cotton candy to start the week off right. Who doesn’t love cotton candy? I tell you who loves it- me. Also Willy Wonka. And everyone on the Willy Wonka tour. And Oompa Loompas. Presumably. And now you can share in the magic with the original rendition of this song. God bless the synth, doesn’t that electronic magic really give this entire song that mystical fairy tale feel you’d need to justify the title? Yes. yes it does. Sometimes Monday needs a little sugar to even make sense.

Dedicated to the hopeful, the optimistic, and the storybook-hearted, those who believe in mermaids and magic EVEN on Mondays.

Raising wisdom

We all want our kids to be “smart”. And that’s good, and admirable…let’s keep doing that. But I want more too. It is my goal to raise smart children who become wise adults. That to me means the ability to analyze intellectually PLUS intuitively, guided by more than just the facts. May God grant them the kind of intelligence that submits to Insight. That, to me, is the ’rounded-ness’ I’m aiming for.

Be real. Be you.

It’s easier to be who you’re expected to be, rather than who you actually are. You’re worth the momentary discomfort of your own honesty. When the chafing ends and the uproar fades, the real YOU remains. 

God = Gardener

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a Christian in a world that is constantly redefining what’s okay, including how a Christian “should” respond in any given situation. I’ve asked God many times to guide my daily response to the world around me. This is what He said:

It makes no sense talking to the grass about its weeds; talk to the gardener.

Some problems need to be addressed by a higher authority and I am not that authority. As God prompts me to speak or to be silent, I do it without judgement of my fellow man. I do it in utter humility and in awareness of my own weeds, and the fact that He’s the only one who can truly untangle any life.


Dear Jude: Vroom Vroom

Dear Jude, may your tendency to go “vroom vroom” at the sight of anything with wheels, your penchant for riding your trike by STANDING ON THE SEAT, your love of all things speed and your obsession with car keys not be an indication of what life will be like post-driver’s license. Please, please, please. 

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