Dear Jude: You bloom so well

Dear Jude, my dearest joy, how easy it is to get lost in an afternoon of discovering the world with you. How could your intensity and curiosity not render the whole world new for me too? I treasure every moment I get to spend watching you unfold Advertisements

Dear Jude: Forgive from the heart

Dear Jude, forgiving isn’t easy. And the world has created this arena in which he who caves first has lost. There are many wars and races in life, son. Forgiveness isn’t one of them. The heart of God towards us is one of forgiveness. We have to lay down our pride to truly accept and…

Dear Jude: Participate in life!

Dear Jude, be aware of your every moment. Don’t lose important time sitting on the sidelines of you own and only life. Go participate in your life. It doesn’t have to be a ‘right time’, or a ‘right moment’; you don’t need the ‘right body’ or the  ‘right girl’ to qualify for the lead role…

Dear Jude: Get Through It

Dear Jude, as much as I wish it weren’t true, life will throw all kind of surprises your way. Some good, some bad, but all of them can change things in some way. For the ones that knock you down flat, my darling, remember this: if you’re strong enough to survive the initial impact, you’re…

Dear Jude: get through the hard days

Dear Jude, for those times when life DOES knock the air out of you and leave you feeling lost and deflated, repeat after me: “Survive today. Figure out the rest tomorrow.” Sometimes that’s all the fight you have left in you. And it’s enough.

Dear Jude: let life delight you

Dear Jude, I’ll never really understand why we as humans work so hard to look so cool. There’s nothing wrong with being impressed, surprised or freshly informed, okay my darling? Let life amaze and surprise and delight and dazzle you- even knock the wind out of you sometimes. Feel it, be a part of it…do not…

Dear Jude: seek God first

Dear Jude, Lord only knows what media and communication will become by the time you’re a teen or young man. But here’s a lesson that will never change (but might get harder to remember)- Happiness is a shape shifting, ever-moving target that only flirts with us, never commits. “Contentment” however goes the distance. Seek joy, seek…

Dear Jude: Auntie Yvonne was amazing

Dear Jude, I wish you could have met Auntie Yvonne. She may not have ever held you in her arms, but she knew you so well. She held you in her heart. She never missed a single photo, Dear Jude note or a chance to ask about you. She was lovely. And she loved you….

Dear Jude: still my baby

Dear Jude, my newly minted one year old little man, for one shining moment today I thought “wow..he does look a little older and wiser to me”. Thank you for choosing that moment to bend over and lick the TV room carpet. It reminded me that you’ll still be my baby for a bit longer….

Dear Jude: be your truest self

Dear Jude, as your birthday winds down here’s one more note- Just because someone may be “worse” than you doesn’t mean you’re not bad: be responsible for your actions. Equally, just because someone may be “better” than you doesn’t mean you’re not good: be proud of your successes. Keep becoming your truest self, my love,…

Dear Jude: 1 WONDERFUL year!

Dear Jude, one year ago today, after greatest agony came greatest joy! Happy Birthday to the loveliest little YummyLoveJoy life could ever give ♥