I’ve been thinking about legacies.

That’s the kind of thinking you do when you have a child. When you watch him sleep and wonder what he’ll remember about you when you’re gone.

A legacy cannot be bought, it cannot be sold. It cannot be branded or sponsored. Legacies are born from the sweat and the tears and the years of belief in the unbelievable- especially when the ‘unbelievable’ is yourself, and what you can actually do. It is formed in the hours of sleeplessness, shaped by the fires of criticism and self doubt. It survives rejection, denial and delay. It burns its way up through your soul and out through your body until you are caught up again and again in its marvelous dance, in its siren call to more, to further, to greater.

And it is only when at last you stand in the embers of your passion and of your life, that you see its first glow, multiplied and forward-moving in the hands of the trusted, the endowed, the new. Because you see, your legacy is never for you.

A legacy cannot be bought, cannot be sold; it cannot be sponsored or branded.  It is the soft light you leave behind you, to help the others find their way.

Steve Jobs, your legacy is undeniable.

I pray someday my son feels the same about mine.


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