Dear Jude: being present

Dear Jude, I’m trying hard to remind myself of one of my earlier mama lessons. That I need to stop wasting the time I DO get to spend  with you missing the time I didn’t. Thank you for how you always manage to get my attention and bring me back to being present. Quality time is simply any time I spend with you.


Dear Jude: aim high

Dear Jude,may I find that balance between teaching you that while it’s okay to lose, it’s also okay to go after the win full steam. Try your very, very best at all times, my darling, then release the outcome. Be gracious in defeat, should it come. Be gracious in success, when it comes. But above all,be your best always.


Dear Jude:always

Dear Jude my love, my light, my darling one how I love you. Some may think that I say this too much; I’ll always wonder if I say it enough. 

Dear Men,   stop thinking of us as problems to be solved;  we’re just answers to the questions u haven’t even thought to ask yet. 

Dear Jude: my baby!

Dear Jude, it is not not not time for you to turn 1 yet- it just can’t be! There are still so many more months of your babyness I crave! Please don’t outgrow your mamas arms just yet…

Dear Jude: Learn the lessons

Dear Jude, one day you’ll learn that there is a delicious inevitability about some things in life. God is so generous and invested in us, that He gives us multiple chances to learnt the really important lessons. So know that every lesson offers this choice: learn or return; for there is no real “escape” from what life will teach us, just a delay. God’s amazing that way. Pay attention as early in the game as you can, my darling. You have so much greatness before you…

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