Protect them. But not too much.

I took my son to work today, because my caregiver had to meet with her own son’s teachers all day. When I first came off maternity leave and back to work, I wasn’t at ALL satisfied with the nanny we had initially found (always trust your gut mamas). Long story short, she was out and…

Dear Jude, who could have ever told me, ever showed me, ever fully made known to me all the light you would bring to my life? No one, dear child- no one but you ♥

Dear Jude: Be still. Be silent.

Dear Jude, one of my dearest hopes for you my darling, is that you keep this beauty of your restful spirit. There is much to be said about being okay with stillness. So remember this, some future day when arguments and awkward moments come your way: sometimes when there’s nothing to say, just rest in…

Dear Jude, even on my tiredest day with my shortest fuse in my worst moment I’m aware of how much I’m drowning in love for you.

Dear Jude: Find the lessons

Dear Jude, learn this: in every let down there is a lesson. Find it and you will also find that all is not lost.

Dear Jude may I learn how to infuse you with the kind of confidence that never crosses the line into arrogance or narcissism

That whiny adult who thinks the World Is Out To Get Him began as that whiny kid who was told it was. Wisdom, parents. Everybody, calm down.

‎Dear Jude, I am daily overwhelmed by the largeness of my love for you. You are kind of a big deal, little boy.

Thanks, hubby

Life in a post-baby body that’s clearly forgotten how to BE post-baby can suck. Props to hubbies who make their women feel like queens. Like mine.

In Celebration Of The Ordinary: thanks to the ppl in my life who constantly bring my days back from the edge by just being exactly who they are…

RIP Handbags

RIP handbags who have died in faithful service to one overworked Creative Director Mom with too many phones, notebooks, proofs, sippy cups, Shiny Things That Amuse and the Milani makeup that lies about how much sleep I get. You’ve been tossed but not forgotten… But I now really need a new bag, with space, strength…

Dear Jude: King of Hearts

Dear Jude, you have such a way with hearts. I thought it was only mine you stole, but it seems that- for now anyways- capturing hearts is simply what you do. You’re welcome to mine, anytime.