Remembering to Enjoy

I spent the weekend with my son. Now, I know you’re like “Whaaat? You live with him”. Yes, I do, but I have this terrible job that occasionally eats my life. Yeah, let’s say “occasionally”. Last week was one such ‘occasion’. My time with Jude during that week was fleeting and it broke my heart.

SO I left work early on Friday with a blinding headache, and despite the call of my soft pillow and a ton of painkillers, I spent the entire weekend soaking my son up, watching him, absorbing him, delighting in his Jude-ness. I realized that as I was soaking in my son, my Mom was hovering around at the edges, soaking ME in. I’m nearly 30, and my mom still delights in me in ways that I can always feel, always appreciate.

So my Monday Morning Momma Moment is to just remind us to never stop delighting in our children. Let’s not allow the stress, the exhaustion, the colds, the tantrums and such to rob of us the chances to appreciate the smiles, the big eyes filled with love, and the beams of joy when they learned something new.

As I (gingerly, to spare my head) lay on the floor with Jude, who had been fussing for hours over the new tooth joining his mouth, I watched him accidentally clap for the first time. Then deliberately.  Again and again. And every time he looked up and saw that I was watching and beaming along with him, it turned up the pride in his own little face.

And that’s how I spent the weekend with my son. On his level. In his world. Delighting in him. I live with him as a default yes, but I have promised myself to really take the time and effort it requires to SPEND that time with him. Watching him become more and more himself, knowing that if I never took another photo, or a video or wrote a post on it, we’d both know for the rest of our lives that whatever records there are of his life…I SHARED it actively and joyfully with him.

We say it over and over: children are a gift. And they really are…gifts we get to unwrap anew every day, every season.  Let’s ensure we keep doing just that 🙂

Blog Post Nov 21, 2010:

Third lesson of motherhood: I will remember you are to be ENJOYED not ‘endured’. Even screaming at 4am in a messy diaper, you are still that blessing I carried in my belly for 9 months, and will carry in my heart forever. I will remember to treasure every moment I have with you. Every moment. ❤

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from Him. Ps 127:3


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