rainbowsandwitheringwinters: kirink_s (by kasiQ) I developed a fascination with giraffes while pregnant. Jude has about 4 or 5, none of which interest him in the least. I’m still a fan. This makes me happy. (Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38464962@N02/4798043371/) Advertisements

Sometimes jail looks delicious….

Me: Hi, Can I see that dress on the mannequin hanging near the ceiling? Shopgirl looks me up and down, then returns to reading her paper ShopGirl: That’s not your size. Nothing is your size.                You should go look at some handbags.            …

All day at my desk, it’s my job to clever, to be incisive, to be convincing, to earn my pay. When I get home, I love it when my son puts his tiny hand on mine, and demands only that I be present. No typing, no calculating, no deadlines. Just us and the reminder that…

Remembering to Enjoy

I spent the weekend with my son. Now, I know you’re like “Whaaat? You live with him”. Yes, I do, but I have this terrible job that occasionally eats my life. Yeah, let’s say “occasionally”. Last week was one such ‘occasion’. My time with Jude during that week was fleeting and it broke my heart….

Dear Jude- our teethies

Dear Jude, I’m so proud of your 1 1/2 teeth that you’d think I had something to do with it 🙂

Dear Jude- I know you get me

Dear Jude, I have found myself these past months telling you directly all my Dear Jude thoughts. Your bright eyes have a way of convincing me you understand every word; if not understand then surely you’re soaking it in and storing it all for a day you can truly know what I mean. And that,…