Dear Jude- my best thing

Dear Jude, I say so many things to you and about you but all I ever mean, ever want to say is this: Dear Jude, you are the best thing I’ve ever done with my life


Dear Jude: Just keep moving

Dear Jude, some tough words of wisdom and love to you for the day you may need it: Giving up in and of itself isn’t always a bad thing, as long as it’s followed by Getting Back Up and Moving On. I believe in the restorative power of a good skin out and bawl. I believe in prayer. I believe in hope. So what if ‘today’ sucked? I believe in tomorrow and the day after that… No matter what happens, baby, there is a tomorrow. Never give up on yourself or your goals or your dreams because of a set back. Get up, dust it off, keep going. Ok, baby? Always keep going.

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