Dear Jude: Peachy Keen

Dear Jude, today I was humming you to sleep, just another of the little nonsense melodies I make up to soothe you. And these silly little lyrics floated up into the music. And I thought to myself, that at their core was a message I wanted you to believe: that no matter what your ‘today’’ looked like, it was still a good day to try your hardest. Every day, you are worth effort, you are worth hope, you are worth dreams. Every day, baby. “One day I will be perfect/ But today I’m still good enough/To dream the dreams that I would dream/ If everything was peachy keen…”  ♥


Dear Jude: Everyday, new

Dear Jude, everyday you wake up, you’re like a brand new gift I can’t wait to explore. How you grow and change so much every night is beyond me but bittersweet as your unimaginably rapid growth is, never stop becoming more and more of yourself. You infuse me with new excitement for this ole world. Mama loves you beyond expression ♥

Dear Jude: 1st Mother’s Day

Dear Jude, I like that on this day I get lovely cards to be one day joined by ill-shaped but heartfelt homemade gifts. But the simple truth is this: everyday that I’m your mother is a great day for me. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who nuture the hearts, minds, bodies, souls and potential of the little people entrusted to them by birth, choice or circumstance ♥

Dear Jude: Earthquake

Dear Jude, you’ve done something to my heart and mind that’s bigger than any earthquake. That much is clear, since this morning I slept sweet and deep through the mountain top earthquake we had, but woke up instantly alert, seconds later when you whimpered in your sleep. I will never not hear you when you need me…

Dear Jude: 6 months of love

Dear Jude, when you were born something happened to my heart that will never un-happen: it handed itself right over to you. I love you with a fierce intensity that will never fade. I’ve come to define so much of myself by how I perform as your mother. I will daily love, encourage and cover you in prayer as I have since the day you were born. 6 months today my love. and what a ride. LOVE u.

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