Pregnancy is a Mutha #9

Thing 9

And here’s the truth, the whole truth. By this final month, no matter how this child came to be in your life, no matter if she was planned or nature’s own little surprise party for you; no matter if she is inside your body, or being carried by another, no matter if you meet at the hospital or inside an agency, here is your truth: You are in love.

For Preggos, every heartbeat, even when plagued by heartburn, is singing a symphony of potential names, potential dreams, potential destinies. Every muscle in your body is primed to protect, even as you push or have him pulled from your body. Every particle of their bodies is perfect to your eyes, no matter what anyone else says. You know they may leave your body, leave your arms, leave your home…but they will never leave your heart. Even if you’re not religious, in the most sacred of places inside you, there is prayer. There is a fervent, desperate plea that your baby be kept safe, kept whole, kept near, kept dear; that your baby see the light of all things good, and pure and hoped for; that your baby be okay. That your baby be okay. And so as we close the Preggo party, I pray for the safe delivery of the pregnant women reading, for the safe union of the mothers by surrogacy and adoption, and for the children who don’t know that they are loved…that they may know that the love one mother has for her child, is actually the love every mother has for every child. There is enough love in the world for every child. Let’s help spread it, yeah?

Lord I pray we go beyond words and good feelings to actively play our part in sharing You and Your love with those who have no concept of it. It may be giving gifts and donations, it may be reading stories, it may be packing extra lunches or actually listening to ‘those ads’. Whatever it is Lord, I pray we move, I pray we act. Every child is a dream You brought to life. Help us be Mothers, Friends and Support however we can. Amen.


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