Pregnancy is a Mutha #8

Thing 8

The closer you get to your due date, the bigger the baby gets. The more baby inside you, the less joy for outside you. It’s hard to sit comfortably, sleep comfortably and can we speak frankly for a minute about the quantity of pee-breaks your life now revolves around? When last did you put on shoes that required buckling, strapping, tying? Lotioned your legs- PROPERLY? Howsabout them stilettos? Yeah? Not so much loving those anymore are ya? Constipation? Heartburn? Irritability that makes earlier ‘hormonal swings’ look like an explosion of joy? And just a raging impatience to have you skin back, body back, SELF back.

And above all, there’s this amazing desperation to see the little person you’ve cooed over for so long. You want to stop snuggling a belly…you want to meet that baby!


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