Pregnancy is a Mutha #6

Thing 6

Hot flashes are not just for the menopausal. It is also for the REALLY lucky preggos. I thought I was going crazy when I noticed myself getting unreasonably hot. Now you may say “But you live in Jamaica”. To which I might reply, “Yes, but when you’re in a room with the AC on high at 18degrees, rendering the room so frigid your husband is under 2 layers and whimpering while u find yourself mopping sweat…it ain’t no kind of normal”. So upon research I discover that pregnant women “may experience some form of hot flashes, experiencing bouts of increased warmth”. Huh. What that SHOULD have said was “A pregnant woman may experience the sensation of spontaneous combustion, feeling at once as if she’s being sautéed live in her skin, while simultaneously being drenched in copious amounts of sweat- as if Nature is not sure whether to cook or drown her” yeah. Hot flashes. It could be you.


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