Dear Jude: i’m just a mom

Dear Jude, I apologize in advance for the times I’ll try so hard to protect you that I may end up crowding your space. This is inevitable, my darling, when even your tiniest sniffle wakes me from the deepest sleep, and my pounding heart reminds me that your well being will always be at my core. Forgive me my ‘motherness’, as I learn new ways to let you go as you grow….


Dear Jude: amazing u

Dear Jude, I never stop being amazed by you. You give me something to think about, to laugh about, to smile about evey single day. That your little life changes mine daily is my favourite miracle ❤

Dear Jude: you + me

Dear Jude, everyday you become a little more your own perfect self. Still, I must confess I’m delighted everytime I see a little bit of me still there in your face and your gestures. Mama loves you, poquito mio ❤

Dear Jude: the beginning

Dear Jude, for years I dreamed of motherhood and contemplated motherly love. Now that you’re here I realise there is no dream big enough to contain this love I have for you. One day, my darling son, I pray you understand how deep it goes, how wide it spreads and how far it will follow you, no matter where you go ❤

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