Dear Jude: 1 month!

Dear Jude: 4 weeks equals 1 month of me-and-youness! One month down, the rest of my life to go ♥


Dear Jude: Lesson 4

Dear Jude, this is what I know: You were born already your own, whole person. My job is not to ‘design’ your personality or your destiny, but to discover it and do my best to help you unlock it too. We’re in this together, little love.

Dear Jude: Lesson 3

Dear Jude, I will remember you are to be ENJOYED not ‘endured’. Even screaming at 4am in a messy diaper, you are still that blessing I carried in my belly for 9 months, and will carry in my heart forever. I will remember to treasure every moment I have with you. Every moment. ❤

Dear Jude: Lesson 2

Dear Jude, I love being your mama, but I’m slowly beginning to remember that  I need to find time for the things that make me ‘me’. Write that down darling: never get so caught up in someone or something else, that you permanently forget your ‘you-ness’

Dear Jude: Lesson 1

Dear Jude, you teach me everyday. First lesson of motherhood: release the fantasy, embrace the reality and forgive yourself the difference. Your baby already has. Thank you, Jude.

Dear Jude: so juicy…

Dear Jude: so very very juicy! You officially give me reason to scoff at pretty much every other pain or injury out there. What’s that? a SPRAIN??? I pushed nearly 10lbs of human out- NATURALLY! I dare you to complain to me, weakling.

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