Hello, Little One

Hello little one.

I felt you move for the first recognizable time for CERTAIN yesterday. But I’d been suspecting it was you for a week.  You felt at first like tiny little bubbles swooshing thru my tummy. When I felt it I thought nothing of it. But soon I thought I recognized a pattern… Oh my gosh! This could be my little baby!

I told your dad “I think I can feel the baby move”. He said “when it’s really the baby, you’ll know”. And I did. Yesterday two firm little nudges, like kicks.

I was so excited. There you are, my joy. There you are. Already I can tell u are a person with strong opinions. When I’m upset, u move a lot. And when anything is leaning on my belly too much, u protest that too.

I can’t wait to meet you, u curly haired wonder. Maybe mummy and daddy didn’t wait as long as they should have to have you. But you’re almost here. And we already couldn’t imagine loving you more than we do right now. But I’m sure we will.

Every new thing you do will delight us as we continue to watch over u and pray over u and enjoy the whole new person u’ll become.

I’m ready to sleep, but u aren’t my little jellybean. I can feel u swooshing around. Mommy’s little night owl.

I love u darling. See u in November 🙂


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